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 Post Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 2:20 pm 
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NEW asiSnap v1.4 can be found here

Updated 25.february.2017 15:20
asiSnap Version 1.2 Released!
asiSnapv1.2.png [ 70.58 KiB | Viewed 667 times ]

asiSnap_v1.2.tar [416.32 KiB]
Downloaded 105 times

New in version 1.2
- Crop function to make Keograms or any other crop of image - ./asisnap -crp 960 0 1 1080
- Resize function to make a "resized copy" of original image - ./asisnap -res 0.5
- Timestamp on image added - ./asisnap -date
- Help function added - ./asisnap -help
- Filename Timestamp added - ./asisnap -i 9

Hello there

NB. This project are without GUI, no X-Server and suited for light-weighted and embedded systems when finished!

It was created as a All-Sky Camera Command Line Tool for Raspberry Pi 2 and 3

I have now trimmed down the SDK code from Sam's allsky.cpp and Thomas Jacquin's allsky.cpp to work with Minibian and Raspbian lite.
When everything is installed it uses 976MB on MicroSD, 34MB RAM on boot and 160MB RAM when running.

Full Working Setup from clean image with minibian
IMPORTANT! Remember there is no sudo installed on minibian image so you are running as root
Default username root and password raspberry

apt-get install -y raspi-config nano # I NOW use raspi-config to expand microsd and reboot
apt-get update # Update RPi
apt-get install -y libopencv-dev fbi # Install OpenCV and fbi image viewer
tar -xvf asiSnap_vX.X.tar # Extract all files to YOUR directory
cp /usr/local/lib # Copy this file to avoid error when compiling
ldconfig -v # Load config

fbi -T 2 image.jpg # If connected by SSH with HDMI screen connected to RPi
fbi image.jpg # Run this if directly connected to RPi with HDMI screen

PS. When you have modified the capture.cpp code, just run ./ to compile your code again and run ./asiSnap program again with all the switches you like or need.

My short but true story!
I started learning C/C++ saturday 15.october.2016 when i found the article of Thomas Jacquin's Allsky camera on the web ;-)

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